In Ontario, all kids/young adults under the age of 20 are eligible for an eye exam paid for by OHIP every 12 months. Although your child may not need glasses, this is a very important exam to get into the routine of having done. Not only can the Doctor check the health of their eyes, it also gives them the opportunity to become accustom to eye exams and builds a healthy routine for the rest of their lives.

During this time of virtual school and zoom family visit due to the pandemic, blue light blocking lenses/glasses can be a huge benefit to children as well as adults. Blue light is the portion of the light spectrum which ranges from 380-500nm. Digital devices all emit HEV light. Examples of these are computer monitors, flat screen televisions, tablets and smartphones. Increased exposure to this kind of light can cause headaches, affect sleep and even cause permanent damage to our eyes.

We offer blue blocker lenses/glasses for kids with or without a prescription and highly recommend them for every family. These nano frames are perfect for kids as they are extremely durable and come with a 2 year warranty against breakage. Call us today to see all our kids frames!!

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